Requesting Back-Up.

I think we can all agree that if we learned anything in the 90’s by reading ‘The Rules,’ it’s that, besides to wear lipstick to the gym, when you have a setback in your Dating Life, that’s the time to get busy. Not lay around eating cookies (their words) or lay around drinking Bud Light (my words). No!! It’s time to wipe away that tear, put on a swipe of mascara (their words) and get a manicure (Lux’s words).

So it was with this exuberant thought that I arrived home from work one night and opened the Dating Excel Sheet that Anna had created for me a few months ago. This was a compilation of all the activities the Fun Committee had come up for me to jumpstart my Dating Life.

I settled in with a healthy Sleepytime tea and looked over the spreadsheet. Soon my eyes glazed over.

It was overwhelming.

I realized then why I hadn’t looked at it since Anna sent it to me. There was no way I had time to do all these things and I had no idea what would be the most productive.

To be honest, none of theses ideas sounded as appealing as my new nightly ritual of reading V.C. Andrew’s ‘Gates of Paradise.’

Intriguing, no?

So I procrastinated and did nothing. After few days of this, I thought I’d come here and ask for back-up.

So, let’s do this. The short version of the Fun Committee’s list is below. You guys let me know by voting what you think should be my next step. Whatever receives the most votes, I’ll do it and then write about my findings.

In the spirit of full-disclosure, this is the first poll I’ve done, so forgive me if it’s a little wonky. I actually have no idea how to retrieve the results. I’ll try to figure it out by Tuesday and post them then.

Let’s get this ball rolling!



21 thoughts on “Requesting Back-Up.”

  1. Good idea, Tracey, both because it’s creative and because it’s a different path than the one you’ve been on. It counters the ole definition of insanity which, as I’m sure you know, says: “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

  2. The cool thing about doing anything different is that it’s different. I mean, you’ll get SOMEthing out of the experience, PRObably positive, even if it’s not Mr. Right. Right? 🙂 Looking forward to the results! (Both of the poll AND the activity.)

  3. Learn how to play pool! It’s a male-dominated game so you’ll have lots of potential mates to choose from, and you don’t need to have physical strength to keep up with the boys. Also, it doesn’t hurt that watching a lovely lady like yourself assume a pool-playing position is pretty damn sexy…My husband and I have done it and it’s lots of fun.
    I’m loving the blog – congratulations!
    (Oh, and I agree with the smile thing. Just be careful who you use it on.)

    1. Audrey – that is a really fantastic idea! I’ll ask around and see if someone here can teach me. I often think that I am very good – but that is only after I’ve been drinking. I don’t think in real life I am 🙂 Thank you so much for reading & I’m so pleased you like the blog!

  4. OK being my inexperienced blog person I did not see these posts until now! Ha Ha. Thanks for telling me about it. Since we can only chose one off of your list I agree with the smiling and I would pick take a class – a fun ballroom or hip hop or cool dance class and indoor rock climbing gym. Go alone, take the training and too climb you have to have a partner every time you go…..

  5. OK as someone used to eating by herself on road trips for work – I can honestly say that only a few of them have every resulted in actual “dates” (not to say that I didn’t thoroughly manage to enjoy myself…remember the irish guy from Charlotte???). So if that’s the objective, it isn’t likely a viable option. HOWEVER, I think that you should do it, and do it more than once, it is a very powerful and self-enlightening experience. It will force you outside of your comfort-zone T, and really teach you to like who you are…not just know who you are but actually LIKE yourself. Therefore, my vote is that you go out to eat alone at some place that you have been absolutely dying to try – but don’t do it to try and land a date, do it because you’ve been wanting to go and actually going will be so gratifying and empowering. You deserve it and will love yourself for it. You go get the small things in life that you want and are within your control to obtain… the right man will see that, and then wham bam thank you ma’am.

    1. I love this train of thought Kait. I think a lot of us wait around for the guy to go to that restaurant we want to try, or see that exhibit we’ve wanted to see. I know I do. I always forget that there is a big population, the business travelers, that eat alone all the time. It really shouldn’t be so daunting. I definitely think it would be a good experience. Thank you!

  6. Oh and I think you should go to an “industry event” – get “Wade” or someone to go with you. That way you can say “Oh my boss is over there somewhere” (and he can scope out the potential prospects), you’re guaranteed to have at least an ice breaker (“oh yes I work for… we do…blah blah blah”) and those things ALWAYS end up at a bar afterwards (where Wade can continue to pick up the tab). Plus people always bring random friends to those things as a safety net so you have options beyond just the industry people, you’re putting in quality work-time to score [albeit clearly unnecessary] brownie points, and of course you have the perfect excuse to walk-away if you get a dud.

  7. I voted for speed dating, mostly because I never got to do it when I was single. But I also like an alumni event or maybe taking a class, but my worry with a class is that you end up committed to a class for a while and what if there’s no one any good in it?

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