The Day After The Happily Ever After. Part One.

“Omg.” McKenzie IM’d me.

“I know.” I replied.



“You have a boyfriend!!!”

“I know! It’s so weird!!!”

It was the morning I’d posted, “My Ex Comes to Visit. Part Two”, where I’d revealed My Boyfriend and I were going to give our long-distance relationship a go. Everyone was aflutter with the news, because even in my real-life, I hadn’t told many people we were even in contact. Instead, I’d wanted them to be surprised by the post. Which was either incredibly dedicated, restrained and creative, or incredibly unhealthy, bizarre and unnatural.

I haven’t decided yet.

“So, when will you see him again???”

That was usually the first question.

“He’ll be staying with me over Christmas!” I’d answer. “I can’t wait!”

“So, what’s going to happen with the blog?”

And that, was usually the second.

“I don’t know,” I typed to McKenzie carefully. “I mean, if this was a novel it would be the end, you know?”

“Well,” she pointed out. “Carrie Bradshaw didn’t stop writing after she got together with Big.”

I took a brief glance at my work inbox and then returned to her. “Yes well, Carrie Bradshaw had writers to craft interesting plotlines and I just have my life. So I don’t know what I’ll post about now.”

“Well, don’t worry about it. If you write it, people will read it,” she wrote.

And again, it was one of those statements I know I’ll never forget because it was so incredibly kind.

“Thank you,” I said.

“Hey.” Lux appeared my cube. She was done with her cleanse, thank God, and now was drinking her usual humongous Starbucks.

“BRB,” I typed to McKenzie. I turned to Lux. “What’s up?”

“Nice post today.”

“Thank you,” I said with a smile.

“So, what’s going to happen with the blog?” she asked.

“I have no idea,” I sighed. “I remember once, in the beginning of all this, my friend Paul told me, ‘No one wants you to get a boyfriend because then it will be over.’ I think he could be right.”

“Yeah,” she said, nodding. “We might need to rebrand.”

“Rebrand? What do you mean?”

She rolled her eyes. “Tracey, come on. REBRAND. A new site? We can just set it up and automatically direct your followers there. You can start a whole new blog.”

I squinted at her. “But…but what would I write about? In this whole new blog?”


“Um, I’ve only been in a relationship for about two weeks. I hardly think I’m qualified to write about them.”

“We’ll figure it out,” she said and I could see that Dog With a Bone gleam starting to flash in her eyes.

I then asked warily, “Do I need to schedule an Emergency Social Media Marketing Team Meeting?”

“Not yet,” she said dismissively. “Let me brainstorm on it a bit.”

And then she turned and walked away.

I actually had thought about this a lot – before I’d even started writing the Countdown Series to The Visit. I’d talked to my Dad about it – what it would mean for the blog if My Boyfriend and I worked out. He’d said thoughtfully, “Well, yes, you might lose some readers but you might gain a whole different audience because then you’d be writing about being in a relationship.”

Which definitely could be true.

The thing was, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to write about being in a relationship. My Boyfriend had been incredibly generous with allowing me to write about him. I’m not so sure most guys would be down with it. But when he’d been here on that final night I’d asked him, “So how do you feel about me writing about you now? Now that we’re together?”

“I’m fine with it,” he’d said. “You’ve always treated me with respect in the blog and I’ve never had any issue with anything you’ve written. But the thing is…”

“What is it, honey?” I asked and pulled myself up on my elbow. We were in bed and I’m sure, like any guy, he’d rather be doing any other thing than than discussing his crazy girlfriend’s super-revealing blog. In which he was a lead character.

“The thing is. I don’t want the blog to become just about us. A play by play of our lives.”

“Oh, honey. That will never happen,” I sighed, as I sank my head back down to his chest. “We’re not that interesting.”

After Lux left my desk, I thought about that conversation.

It was true, My Boyfriend and I weren’t that interesting.

But the thing that kept nagging at me was, now that I was in a relationship, was I not that interesting?


25 thoughts on “The Day After The Happily Ever After. Part One.”

  1. Don’t be dumb. The blog was not all about dating. It was about you and your life and evolution. You plan to quit living and evolving? New blog, different track on this blog – keep writing. You live and work in NYC, for Pete’s sake. Don’t underestimate your ability to entertain with your observations and perspective.

    Wow. It was just gonna be that first line… XO

  2. I agree with Elisabeth. It’s not like I read to get dating tips – I’m already married. I read because of the way you express your interesting views of the world around you. The relationships and exchanges you have with your co-workers/friends/social media marketing team are so entertaining. The dates are just a sideline, really. YOU ARE TALENTED! And I know with a bit of refocussing, your insights will continue to be just as interesting and entertaining. Keep it up, Tracey! GO YOU!

    1. Oh, thank you so much Nikki. You know, it’s true – I really am so lucky that I have such fun and entertaining people around me. That makes such a difference. I SO appreciate the vote of confidence – I’ll have to think on what the next step will be!!

  3. I like happy +. Anytime I am reading a book, I am always so exited when the author gave us happy+. I see no reason for you not to continue to write about being in a relationship. Trust me most are not that exiting. Just as an example of how unexciting most relationships are Mike and I had an argument about the UPS note on the door. You are an amazing writer and I would miss this blog a lot. If you write it we will read it.

    1. Thank you so much Felicia!! That comment about the UPS note made me laugh. It’s those little things about relationships and life that I think we can all identify with. Thank you so much for the support! I’m so glad you’re reading!

  4. An annual appearance in your blog is unacceptable. I may have to make a surprise appearance over the Christmas holiday to stir up trouble. 🙂

  5. Ha! That was my very 1st thought after reading your last two posts…what will this mean to the future of the blog? You will figure it out, I’m sure…and yes, people will continue to enjoy your wonderful writing – no matter what it’s about 🙂

  6. Noo. Talk about life now in a relationship in the city. What has changed when you go out with your friends when he isn’t there. Your friends woes and your nights with them. It’s total sex and the city. Your issues with your mr big should never be played out on here unless you’ve both agreed to it because it was transitional or big. You can still be Carrie just don’t always talk about Big 🙂 talk about Stamford

    1. I totally agree with Jennifer on this.. you’re going to have ups and downs with a long distance relationship. Write about that and other things in your life.. you are so talented Tracey, you just need to believe in yourself more. xo

    2. Your issues with your mr big should never be played out on here unless you’ve both agreed to it….

      Wait, what?! So now the boyfriend gets veto power over Tracey’s blog?! Nope, nope, nope. He chose to date someone he knows is a blogger; he’s been fully warned. Screw him. We were here first.

    3. Yeah – it will be interesting to see how it does change. I mean, technically I’m still alone, but also in a relationship. We shall see. Thanks so much for the comment – it gives me a lot to think about!

  7. I agree with everyone Tracey… there is no reason to stop writing the blog. You don’t even have to redirect anyone else to another blog. Just keep writing about your hopes and dreams.. I mean, come on, you must have other dreams than being in a relationship, right?

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