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Tina Weighs In.

“Okay. I have to stop you right there.”

“Yeah,” I said with a laugh. “I figured as much, Kanye.”

“I need a glass of wine for this.”

“Yeah, I figured that too.”

“Or a bottle,” she muttered.

I sighed. I’d just revealed to Tina that My Ex had come to visit.

And she was not happy.

This was not a surprise.
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Ring the Alarm. Part Two.

He was tall. He had a fantastic smile. And when he lifted his beer bottle to his mouth, his t-shirt sleeve rose up and we could see a glimpse of the tatoo that circled his upper arm.

This guy was HOT.

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Ring the Alarm. Part One.

“Wow,” I said, as we entered the bar. “I didn’t think this place would be so big.”

“Me neither,” Marlie agreed. “And with so many people.” The atmosphere was more like a club than the intimate lounge setting we’d been expecting. Dance music pumped through the speakers and the dim concrete and dark wood space seemed incongruous with the early evening sun that still blazed outside.

After we got our drinks, we looked over the ‘Ice Breaker’ cards we’d been given when we checked in. These were a list of questions we were supposed to ask the Firemen in order to get them talking. But I just couldn’t imagine myself actually starting a conversation with:

“What is the best type of protection for a Firefighter?

1) Fireproof Suit
2) Oxygen Mask
3) A Condom”

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And now, not a poll. But a pole.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” laughed Marlie.

“I know,” I said and rolled my eyes. “It’s totally ridiculous.”

“I hope it will be fun.”

“Of course it will be fun.” I peered into the candlelit bar. “We’re here together. We’ll have fun no matter what.”

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