If This Were a TV Show, We’d Have A Cake!

Last week was our 100th post.

Since then, I’ve sat here every night and tried to write something creative and interesting that would express how I feel about achieving this milestone.

I started off with a cute conversation between Bree & me during one of our recent catch-up sessions, which then would lead into the revelation. But then I decided I wanted to use that conversation in a later post.

So then I tried starting with a flashback about the phone-date I’d been having with Shannon two years ago that lead to My Boyfriend and I reconnecting, which consequently resulted in the creation of this blog. But that wasn’t working the way I’d wanted it to.

I then crafted a number of other intros, but frankly, they were all crap.

I am still so, so grateful for all the people who have made this project possible, the ‘characters’ and the folks behind the scenes. I still feel in awe at how it has changed my life. But I’ve said this all before – time and time again. I can see myself writing it all out and you all reading it – rolling your eyes, saying, “Yeah, we get it. It’s ‘strengthened your relationships, gotten you a new job, made you look at yourself in a way you’d never thought’. WE GET IT. But what’s going on NOW?”

I get it. So that’s what I will get into next week.

Here’s to our first 100!! Thank you for all the awesome support.

And for those of you just joining us – please check out the beginning of the journey, Our Introductory Post: here.



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