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The Axe Has Fallen.

Of course I saw it coming. We all did.

I, maybe even more than most.

Because one of the perks of my previous role as an Assistant to the Executives was that I became friends with a lot of different people from all the varied departments. So when the news began to slowly seep throughout the company, I was privy to a lot of pertinent information.

But still, this information didn’t make me take any action.

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Independence Day. Part Two.

The emails kept coming in. I tried to reply to them as soon as they arrived, but just as I’d press ‘send’ to one, another two or three would land in my inbox.

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The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same. Or… Part One.

I was pretty sure I was about to get fired. Like seriously. Wade and his team didn’t need me in the same capacity anymore and in a surprising plot-twist, RJ had left the company. Although I still was supporting Seth and maintaining my duties on the Wellness Committee, not to mention my important role of President of the Fun Committee, I knew that no company would see this as a full workload. I wondered vaguely if I should start working on my resume.

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Beware of the Wordsmith. Part Four.

“So, when it snows we don’t come to work, right?”

Stan gave me a quizzical look. “No,” he said slowly. “We still come to work.”

“Oh,” I said and offered a strangled, fake laugh. “I know. I was just joking.”

He frowned.

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