Independence Day. Part One.

I was drowning at work.

The day after I’d returned from my West Coast training trip for the new part-time responsibilities my New Boss was allowing me to take on, I was given another person to support. So now, not only was trying to prove myself in the new role, I was once again assisting three Executives. As well as attempting to manage my duties as NY Site Leader of the Wellness Group, not to mention continue my very important post as President of the Fun Committee. In all the chaos, I’d completely ignored my position as the Co-Founder of the Gum Culture Task-Force. There was only one sad, stale, half-consumed pack of Watermelon Trident left.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to take on this new assignment and was eager to show New Boss #1 and the team I was working with, that I could do it and do it well, but it seemed every time I would start to work on a project for them, something urgent in my Assistant role would come up and I’d have to discard it. I would always try to come back to it later. Sometimes I could. But sometimes I couldn’t.

And on the flip-side, because I was trying to do other things concurrently, I was totally dropping the ball as an Assistant. Emails were going unanswered, tasks were being put off and I was frequently forgetting things that had always been second nature. This has never happened to me.

Everything was a priority and I didn’t know where to focus my energies. By trying to get everything done, I was accomplishing nothing.

One morning, my New Boss #2 came to my desk and said, not unkindly, “Do you think you might be able to get to my expenses tomorrow?” I almost burst into tears. I nodded at him but I had no idea how I would fit it in. I was already coming in early and leaving late and still was nowhere near being caught up.

I wasn’t sure how much longer I could go on like this.

So when New Boss #1 called me and said, “Hey, could you pop by?” I knew what was coming.

But I prayed anyway as I made my way to her office.

Please, please don’t let them take this away from me. These new responsibilities are the first thing that have made me feel proud of my job. Please don’t let them make me into just an Assistant again. I will come in earlier. I will work Saturdays. Just please don’t let them take this from me. Pleasepleaseplease.


14 thoughts on “Independence Day. Part One.”

  1. Oh! I hope this worked out! I hate that overwhelmed-and-what-more-can-I-do feeling! 😦

  2. I am hoping you were honest with him or her with how overwhelmed you are feeling but that you don’t want to lose the responsibilities that you love the most because those are what really challenge you? Maybe an intern can help you with the other stuff? Just a thought from someone who never spoke up and learned the hard way because I had to do it all myself and would never let anyone share the crap on my plate even if it became too much 😉

    1. Thank you Jennifer. Right, and the problem is that when it becomes too much you can’t do a good job anyway – so you’ll ultimately come across worse.

  3. I so agree with Jennifer! Maybe you can get a sidekick to ease some of the workload, which seems to be too much for one person. I have learned this lesson the hard way as well in past positions…it’s ok to ask for help if you really, really need it. There is only so much one person can do I don’t see it as a sign of weakness – it’s the oppostie really – I think it’s a sign of strength and asking for what you need & deserve 🙂

  4. Ooh a cliffhanger. I can’t to read part 2. I also can’t believe it’s been almost one year since you started this wonderful blog. Congrats! I wish I could fly out for the party.

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