Date Six.

“So I was impressed you like Cards Against Humanity,” he said, as the waitress placed our mugs of coffee in front of us. “I love that game. I actually have all four Expansions.”

“Oh!” I said. “I didn’t realize there were other versions.”

“Yeah, they’re all great.”

“I’ll have to check them out then.”

Lily had been on vacation with her family and then needed to get settled in school, so she wasn’t available to be my Dating Intern until September. So I’d been in contact with Date Six myself. He had offered to meet at a quirky diner by my office for coffee and dessert. The only thing was, that afternoon we’d had an Office Make Your Own Sundae Party so I was not going to be having any dessert. I didn’t tell him this though. Then I’d probably blurt out that I’m President of The Fun Committee and frankly, that just seems like bragging.

It was obvious he’d studied the profile Lux had created for me, as he ticked through each item and asked me about it. I found it endearing.

He looked at me and smiled. “I was actually impressed with all of your profile. But I have to say, you had me stumped with Gordon Lightfoot.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I didn’t know who he was,” he said with a laugh.

I was incredulous. “The Canadian Troubadour?”

“Nope, no clue. I had to Google him.”

I just shook my head. I didn’t have a response to that.

Despite this bewildering revelation of his, I felt really comfortable with Date Six. He was clearly very smart, talkative and asked a lot of sincere questions. I studied him as the date went on. He wasn’t the kind of guy I would usually go out with. He was a bit older than me and kind of nerdy. But then he would bust out with these statements that seemed completely incongruous to his exterior, something like, “I mean, that’s some fucked up shit!” And it made me laugh every time.

We talked about NYC speakeasies, his kids, his monthly guy trips that had included already this year Las Vegas, New Orleans and Atlanta. In a few months they were to go to Iceland. I found myself really enjoying myself.

But I couldn’t imagine kissing him.

I thought about this as I made my way home that evening. I had called it an early night because I still needed to put the final touches on A Farewell to Archie and it was important to me that that post turn out well.

Most of my relationships have started off with me being attracted to the person right away. I mean hell, I fell in love with My Ex the second I saw him, before I’d even talked to him. So that’s what I am used to. But I also know a number of relationships my friends have had where they’ve said, “You know, I wasn’t that into him in the beginning. But then he just kept showing up and was so kind and funny that eventually I fell in love with him.”

So I know it’s possible.

So later that night, when Lux texted me to see how the date went and I said it had gone well, when she asked if I’d go out with him again, I said yes.


11 thoughts on “Date Six.”

  1. I vaguely know who Gordon Lightfoot is because you used to babble on about him in junior high. Google didn’t exist back then, so I just assumed he was your imaginary Canadian boyfriend.

  2. That post had me smiling more than once. 🙂 (<–like that, except with wrinkles) Anywho, yay! I was just thinking about that this morning, in a contemplation of "getting back on the horse" after a year and a half – to whom do I say "yes"? Everyone who asks? Only guys I'm attracted to? Anyone I'm not repulsed by? Not knowing who Gordon Lightfoot is is a little off-putting, but not a killer…I guess. Granted, I only own Gord's Gold and came to appreciate The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald late in life, but still. Anyway, congrats and good luck!

  3. Yeah, talking about the fun committee would totally be bragging! I have had it go both ways in relationships. Sometimes initially attracted, sometimes taking time to fall into it. I am glad you are going to let it play out – worst thing that happens is you have spent quality time with a fun guy!

  4. This one sounds promising and definitely worth seeing again. Sounds like you had good conversation and no moments of “dead air” (the worst). He took the time to really read your profile and ask you questions based off of what was written, so that is a big plus. And nerd qualities are a positive – I can personally attest to that. 🙂 Both of my serious relationships that ended badly started out with instant attraction. No butterflies or instant attraction with my husband, but we had the best conversations and I really appreciate(d) his differences and, most importantly, his carefree humor. Looking forward to reading a ‘Date Six, Part II’!

  5. So very happy you’re going out again! Sometimes being attracted to someone has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it so it can definitely happen!

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