Scandal & Searches.

Last Saturday was awesome.

That afternoon, I met some girlfriends for a Belly Dancing class where I learned three things: 1) Belly Dancing is harder than it looks, 2) I am not very good at Belly Dancing, and 3) Belly Dancing is a blast.

Then, that night I went to a Quiet Clubbing event.

I’d never been to a Quiet Clubbing event but let me tell you, it was pretty spectacular. This particular venue was incredible, complete with a Penthouse Bar that had clear, crisp views of the city. Three DJ’s were set up, each playing a different genre of music and each assigned a specific color. When guests arrived, they were given headphones and you could set them to the color that corresponded to the DJ you wanted to listen to.

The cool thing about this is that when you take off the headphones, you can’t hear the music and it looks like people are dancing to nothing, singing along off-key and screaming to each other, “No, click to red, to RED! We love this song!” And then everyone would switch and dance together and then later switch back or just dance to their own beat and it was so, so fun.

I’m not really doing it justice, so you can check out the details here.

All in all, it was a great Saturday.

But it must have tuckered me out because the next day I slept through my alarm and woke up too late to make it to my friend Collette’s Brooklyn Birthday Brunch. This really bummed me out because I love Collette and, as I’ve mentioned, I love brunch.

When I start sleeping through my alarm and missing brunch, I know I might be getting a little overtired and burned out.

So it was not surprising to me when, that night, I sat down to work on this week’s post and was agitated and fidgety. I always try to get a solid rough draft done on Sundays because I know I’ll be too busy during the week to pull something together. But that night, I kept getting up to eat a cracker or get a seltzer or rearrange the magnets on my refrigerator or file my nails. I just could not focus. I started whining to The Cat about how I’d posted 6 posts in the last 2 weeks and I was so tired. She just glared at me like, “You and your freakin’ drama. #gettowork.”

For about 20 minutes, this was the dialogue in my head:

“I don’t want to write.”

“‘A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.'”

“You and your Richard Bach quotes. Shut it.”

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. Aristotle.”

“Omg. Stop.”

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Mark Twain.”

“I’m tired.”

“If you build it, he will come. Kevin Costner.”

“What? That doesn’t even have anything to – “

This went around and around for awhile until finally, one voice raged through:


Then, silence.

So I figured I better let myself do that.

olivia pope

“It’s handled.”

So since I don’t have a real post for today, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the searches which have brought people here. The short list is below.

So enjoy, all. See you next week.

Search Engine Terms Which Led to

  • how to let my boyfriend know that i am not a cougar
  • drunk facebooking
  • happily ever after cleavage
  • why my girl suddenly shaying front of me at
  • dirty cougar selfies
  • cougar dating profiles
  • block ex from seeing my profile on dating site
  • cougar smoking on the beach
  • hot cougar pinterest
  • cougar breakup
  • hi im tahlia back on dating scene 2014
  • single cougar 40 looking for love
  • cougar hooters
  • alpha delta pi handshake
  • cougar aroung my house dec
  • how to quite an online date
  • cougar dating heartbreak
  • and i was running out where are the 40 something
  • do cougars smoke
  • date a cougar nyc
  • smoke em if ya got em patch how to get
  • date polish cougar
  • marilu henner why dairy is bad for you
  • venice california doctor will prescribe ambien and xanax
  • cougar craigslist
  • amsterdam cougar party
  • friends best googly thought sms
  • crushed velvet jacket
  • lt. joe kenda
  • emoticon cougar dating
  • there is a cougar on instagram from cali
  • dealing with insecure cougar
  • my googly thoughts
  • cougar coworkers
  • kate upton laying down
  • pics of cougars wearing high heeled boots on facebook
  • cougar fantasy
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  • cougars on tinder
  • Unknown search terms 789





9 thoughts on “Scandal & Searches.”

  1. LOVE this post. Almost took a pole dancing class a couple years ago. Would love to hear more about your belly dancing class. Although the clubbing thing sounds pretty darn interesting as well. 🙂

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