“You make my job easy, Tracey,” Dr. Shay said as he placed my chart on his desk and sat down across from me. “Everything looks good. So. What else is going on?”

We’d just finished up my yearly physical, but since he is more of a “360 View” type doctor, Dr. Shay would always chat with me afterwards to make sure there was nothing else on my mind that could be affecting my health. That’s why I knew during my lunch with Sheri, when I was getting so hysterical about my long-distance situation, that I should probably go see him.

“The thing is, Dr. Shay.” I sighed laboriously. “I’m in a horrible funk.”

“Is that so?” he said and leaned back in his chair. “And why’s that?”

“Well, first of all,” I folded my hands in my lap and straightened up. “I have a boyfriend now.”

“Good for you,” he said, nodding.

“Thank you,” I said, nodding back. “But the thing is, it’s a very difficult situation. It’s long distance and I really miss him. And it’s making me feel super tired and my neck’s been stiff and I’ve been gaining weight and – ”

And then he said something.

And then I said something.

And then blah blah thefuckwhatever blah.

I don’t feel like writing about this right now. It’s actually got a sort of interesting outcome that will lead into a new Series but I just don’t feel like taking that on. Maybe I’ll write about it later. I don’t know.

I think it’s because something else happened that’s been on my mind lately. And I’d rather write about that.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

It will be up nextThursday.



7 thoughts on “Detour.”

  1. hey lady. I know I have not posted for awhile as I just don’t like to but I have read every single one and today I have to say I love you!

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