Big News!

Everyone who’s ever met The Cat has agreed she’s pretty much the cutest thing they’ve ever seen.


It’s the truth.

I’m not just saying this because I live with her.

In fact, one time Thalia and I took The Cat to the vet and when the doctor (who clearly has seen many, many animals) pulled her from the carrier, she exclaimed, “Oh my goodness! She really IS cute!”

Thalia and I just rolled our eyes and sighed as if to say, “Tell us something we DON’T know. Puh-leeze.”

Even people who don’t prefer cats (I’m looking at you Lux & McKenzie, and WADE) begrudgingly admit, “Okay. For a cat, she’s pretty cute.”

Naturally, this adorableness has caused a clamoring from folks wanting to follow her on Instagram.

I mean, it’s the obvious next step.

Well, we’re pleased to announce – now you can! You can find The Cat at IamTiniCat on Instagram, where you can follow her adventures as she navigates the life of being trapped in a small studio with an owner who has too much time on her hands, and too much Bud Light in the fridge.

We hope you’ll enjoy!

So that’s the big announcement for this week. We’ll be taking Thursday off for the holiday but will be back next week. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving all!!

Tini celeb (2)Watch your back, Maru.

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